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Lost & Rare Film and TV Treasures is dedicated to the discovery, preservation and distribution of thematically-programmed collections of films and TV content previously considered lost, rare, hard-to-find or virtually nonexistent even to ardent film enthusiasts and historians. Upcoming new releases will also include some superb quality upgrades for some highly respected films where only inferior or edited prints were previously in circulation.

Festival Films released our first 4 DVD collections of Lost & Rare Film and TV Treasures during 2012 to enthusiastic response from public and critics alike. You can read about and enjoy clips from current L & R releases and some new releases currently in development by visiting the links on the right or below.

Available Now ...

Industrial Strength America
Six rare energy films about the industries that helped build a great nation from natural resources of oil, aluminum, asphalt and hydro power.

Lost TV Pilots
Five tantalizing TV pilots starring Jane Powell, Margaret O'Brien, Ed Wynn, Frank Lovejoy and a lovable army mutt named Munroe. Which ones actually became TV series?

Sports Immortals
5 rare films about the sports giants of the 20th century -- Babe Ruth, Joe Louis, Joe Di Maggio, Jack Dempsey, Bobby Jones, Sonja Henie, Red Grange, Barney Oldfield, Knute Rockne, Man O’ War, Jesse Owens, Ted Williams, plus the amazing 1939 baseball documentary "Touching All Bases."

Golf Mania
Fun and frantic collection of nine films featuring golf legends and goofy golfers alike -- Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Sam Snead, Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, W.C. Fields, Felix the Cat and more.

Heavenly Christmas Film Classics
The spirit of Christmas is gloriously captured in six inspiring stories of faith, family and friendship. From the Nativity to the "Silent Night" carol to a hispanic tradition to Christmas Eve, Christmas is indeed magic as one of the titles proclaims.

New Productions Currently in Development

Primeval Television
Early kinescopes of live TV broadcasts, lost pilot for the first TV cartoon series, first TV Infomercial show, a long lost Felix the Cat Cartoon, first TV series featuring a computer as a key plot element, first use of product placement (a tobacco stand) and many more pre-1960 rarities unseen or unknown since the dawn of broadcasting.

Gospel Films Archive
Our first five DVD releases of rare Christian films are now available!