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"Golf Mania" is a superbly entertaining collection of short films featuring golf legends and goofy golfers alike -- Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Sam Snead, Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, W.C. Fields, Felix the Cat and more. The ideal gift for golf lovers! Here are excerpts from the 132 min. DVD:

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The First Nine Holes of Fun!

    Golf Magic

  • Goofy Golfer Newsreel
     (2012)  12 min.  A million strokes of mirth from President William Howard Taft, Felix the Cat, W.C. Fields, Bing Crosby, Jean Harlow, Larry Semon and more!  An original Festival Films production!
  • Golf Magic
     (1948)  9 min.  Skiers golf on snow in the mountains.  Indians in war paint golf. Jack Redman shows off his trick golf clubs and strokes.   John Montague golfs with both ends of a shovel.  A baby sinks his first putt!
  • Follow Thru
     (1940) 10 min. Veteran golf pros Jimmy Thompson, Dick Metz and Horton Smith (first man to win the Master’s Tournament) demonstrate winning techniques in this entertaining sports reel.
  • Rough But Hopeful Golf Magic
     (1946)  10 min.  Rare novelty newsreel with over 20 Hollywood stars on the golf course - Jack Benny, Red Skelton, Randolph Scott, Dennis O’Keefe, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope & more.
  • Golf  
    (1922)  19 min.  Silent comedian Larry Semon cavorts on the golf course as he matches wits and putts with the villain, played with great flair by Oliver Hardy. Goofy squirrel may have inspired the gopher sequence in Caddyshack!
  • Golfing with Bing and Bob
     (1998)  8 min.  Montage of Bing Crosby and Bob Hope clowning on the links with their professional golf buddies, 1930s to 1950s.  Produced by Festival Films and Bob DeFlores.

    Golfing with Bing and Bob

  • Don’t Hook Now
     (1943)  19 min.  Bing Crosby’s 6th annual pro-am golf tournament at beautiful Rancho Santa Fe, north of San Diego, Bing and Bob Hope clown around with golf greats Sam Snead, Ben Hogan, Jimmy Hines, Byron Nelson and many more! From the Bob DeFlores collection.
  • The Golf Specialist
     (1930)  20 min.  At a Florida hotel, the great W.C. Fields, goes golfing with the house detective's flirtatious wife and an incompetent caddy!
  • Faith, Hope and Hogan
     (1952) 27 min. Inspirational film by The Christophers organization with Ben Hogan, Bing Crosby,  Bob Hope, Phil Harris and baseball great Ralph Kiner. Hogan talks about his faith and near death experience.

  • Golf Magic Golf Magic Golf Magic

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    And here are Reviews of Golf Mania!

    Goofy Golfers Newsreel!

    Here are excerpts from our original production Goofy Golfers Newsreel that is included in Golf Mania!
    Cameos by U.S. President Taft, W.C. Fields, Bing Crosby, Jean Harlow, Oliver Hardy, Felix the Cat and many more!

    Golf Magic Brother Golfers
    (1938)  9 min.  The six pro golfing Turnesa Brothers cruise to Bermuda where they compete in a friendly family match of 3 oldsters vs. 3 youngsters at Castle Harbor course.  All six drive to start each hole, then continue from spot of the best drive.   Nip and tuck down to the 18th green ... who will win?

    Smooth Approach Smooth Approach
    (1939)  9 min.  A Pictoreel Sportscope produced by Frederic Ullman Jr., supervised by Frank Donovan.  Pro golfers Ed Dudley (smoothest swing in the game), Dick Metz (star of the '38-39 winter circuit), Jimmy Thompson (longest driver in golf) and Horton Smith (most consistent putter) demonstrate their golf skills at scenic Pebble Beach course bordering the Pacific ocean.

    Golf Organlogue Follow Thru
    (1931) 6 min. Campy theatrical audience sing­a­long with words on the screen and the subject of GOLF as the dominant theme.

    3 Stooges Golf A Hole in One
    (1927) In this Aesop's Fable mini­cartoon, Farmer Alfalfa and a policeman battle a stubborn goat while a cat and mouse keep score. The score gets settled on the 18th hole!

    Goofy Golfing with the Three Stooges
     (1965, Color) The ultimate ”Goofy Golfers” in one of 41 live action segments produced as wrap­ around sequences for the syndicated The New Three Stooges cartoon series. Larry, Moe and Curly­Joe DeRita wreak havoc on the golf course. These segments are in the public domain, however use in GOLF MANIA! 2 is subject to further clearance.

    3 Stooges Golf Cart Hole In One cartoon 6 brothers golf Aesops Fable